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 About Us_ 

A multi-lingual staff of attorney is prepared to protect and advocate for your rights. 



Rhodes Legal Group, PLLC a law firm based in Seattle, Washington has now opened a Chinese speaking law practice. Upon its inception in 2014, Rhodes Legal Group specialized in criminal law. Though only open since 2014, the resumes of its attorneys is rich with court room, litigation, and practice experience.


Founded by Principal Attorney, Robert Dunn Rhodes who was a public defender in Arizona in the early 1990s and has been in private practice since 2001 in Washington State. Robert's experience with juries, judges, negotiations, court room experience, has given him a reputation of not shying away from difficult cases and earning results for his clients. Also joining Robert in the firm are Virginia Amato, Norm Pardington, and Alex Savojni.


"Representing and helping Chinese speakers who may not be aware of their rights is what drives this arm of the firm." Says Patrick Kwan, who is involved in the firm. "Living in America is an amazing privilege, but knowing the freedoms and having awareness of the the freedoms and rights make this country even better. We look to serve the Chinese speaking community and help gain awareness of rights and seek to advocate for those who are in need."


Kwan, an international businessman of 26 years is also involved in assisting in the development of the business and transactional side of Rhodes Legal Group with both English and Chinese speaking clients.

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