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Seattle Is Not the Premier EB-5 Investment Visa City In the US.

Seattle's growth since the burst of the last bubble has grown at nearly a break neck speed. I can clearly recall a time in the recent past when Bellevue and Seattle development projects were shelved and on hold. Cranes and support beams were left to rust and foundations were excavated and left unwanted like parsley on an entree.

Times haves have clearly changed. The site of cranes fills the Seattle and Bellevue skyline and construction crews are hard at work. That being said, the typical Chinese foreign investor who would be interested in an investment visa (EB-5) has generally focused on the bright lights of New York City or the sunnier skies of California. With such focus on those two major cities. Seattle is still not one of the top two destinations in the US for EB-5 investment visas.

Examining this issue through a glass half full approach, Seattle is still very ripe and a very attractive area for an EB-5 investor. Being a Pacific Rim state, having a diverse cultural history, and a booming economy from employers such as Microsoft, Starbucks, and Costco only support the region's growth.

Paul Welitzkin of the China Daily covered the topic in the China Daily


Welitzkin's article believes that the focus of the Chinese investor will continue to be California and New York for the next 5-7 years. This tends to show that there are still a great deal of opportunities that are not being revealed to the typical foreign investor.

For more information on developing or pursuing an EB-5 investment visa or other immigration law matters contact Patrick Kwan at

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